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What will the hottest jobs be in 2020?

If you are new on your career path, you might be tempted to think of easy money and immediate cash, but we would like you to study the following options, so that you know what’s in great request today.

Cyber struggle

With cyber-bullying becoming a serious problem these days, we can expect governments to take preventive measures. This means a door will open to the world of telecommunications, entertainment and finance.

In case you are familiar with computer technologies, you will definitely make a career in the sphere, unless, of course, cyber bullying and smart home concepts make you cringe. There are ways for computer lovers to turn their hobbies into a job, and you need a degree to continue development in the sphere.

Logistics department

Every time you go to the supermarket, you know exactly what to buy. Your favorite meals are located on the right shelf, and the chocolate bars you’ve been looking for are waiting at the confectionery unit.

So, what’s about logistics that’s so appealing to future specialists? First of all, they use smart computer systems to track the location of the goods and generate ideas to improve the whole process. Secondly, logisticians can easily land a governmental position due to their ability to monitor the movements of the said item.

Ethical hacking

You might be surprised just as we are, but there is a job in the modern world, called ethical hacking. The salaries are high, but there is always a risk your specialist may consider the dark side and choose the illegal kind of income.

This is not a question of moral issues, for the profession itself is highly doubtful, but its growing popularity that makes us think of a legal way to earn money. Ethical hackers unlock computer systems on purpose to determine the problems digital software has in the security department before other, less responsible individuals do the same.


Predictions are always hard, especially if they have to do with statistics and analysis. Actuaries are people who use their mathematical talents to calculate the risks and help companies and corporations make safer deals. Insurance banks and consulting departments often hire actuaries so that they can see if the game is really worth the candle.

It can be truly referred to as the job of the future, as there is always a chance to get into the medical sphere, too. For now, actuaries work to consult leading world companies, but the health care industry is on the way.


If you want to uncover the causes of various ailments, you can become an epidemiologist. You don’t have to obtain a medical degree for that, too, as they usually require a master’s in public health to be hired.

Generally, epidemiology is considered to be a sphere where anyone can be successful, and there is a theory circulating that smart dust, a coating found on planes and trains, will help people pinpoint the changes in the global atmosphere, and prevent pollution as we continue to live in a technology-filled world.

Front-end engineering

When we browse the Internet pages and click on our favorite websites, we are automatically redirected to the requested page. But what is behind that simple command? A front end engineer, often called front end web developer.

Front end web developers struggle day and night to make the usage of software tools more effective, and use coding to improve what we search online. With annual salary of more than $80,000, web engineers are sure to make their own life full of colors, and of course, they refer to themselves as creative professionals, who know how to handle coding systems and design a page that is going to catch the eye.

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