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The best airlines for student traveling

Every year, multiple Airline Awards are being held by different organizations. Their aim is to ensure that the passengers around the world take advantage of the flying conditions which are the most suitable for them. Airlines are evaluated by multiple criteria, including but not limited to, the best safety records, in-flight service, fares, passenger reviews etc.

There are different types of airlines. Some of them are child-friendly, some are of a premium class, some are aimed at passengers of a business class and some meet the passengers’ needs for the economy travel. There is one more distinguishing type of passengers who require unique pricing and terms of their travel, and they are students and youth.

StudentUniverse and 2017 “Best Airlines for Students” Awards

StudentUniverse is a world’s leading travel booking service for students and youth. Every year they organize “Best Airlines for Students” awards in order to figure out which airline is the best one to suit students’ needs during the travel. This company evaluated more than 90 airlines in order to come up with eight awardees. They were selected based on the volume of bookings, terms and their pricing policy. The creating of the special programs, which consider the unique requirements of student travelers were also taken into the account. Let’s check the list of airlines which made it to the top of the eight best airlines for students in 2017.

Award category: Overall

American Airlines selected for “Overall” Award

American Airlines was put on the top of the podium because they proved that they understand the value of working with students and want to do all necessary to develop a lasting relationship in the future. They encourage students to travel and explore the world by offering a really good service at very affordable prices.

Award category: Trans-Pacific

United Airlines selected for “Trans-Pacific” Award

Flying between Asia and the US now becomes extremely in demand. United Airlines managed to spot the gap in the market and developed a number of great options for the traveling students making United Airlines a popular choice for the air travel, according to StudentUniverse.

Award category: Latin America

LATAM Airlines selected for “Latin America” Award

LATAM Airlines is being honored with the award for the third consecutive year for its continued support of traveling students and their interests. They offer flights to Latin America as well as within Latin America.

Award category: Group Travel

Delta Air Lines selected for “Group Travel” Award

Delta Air Lines managed to win the “Group Travel” Award for the third consecutive year. The company’s unique approach to the travel of students in groups, the flexibility, affordable prices and dedicated support ensured that the company became one of the most popular airline choices.

Award category: South-Pacific

Air New Zealand selected for “South-Pacific” Award

Air New Zealand can offer students the affordable prices as well as the comfort of travel to the South Pacific. It is dedicated to constant improvement of the programs for students and is very respected for its excellent performance.

Award category: Europe = Oneworld

British Airways/Iberia and American Airlines selected for “Europe = Oneworld“ Award

This Alliance ended up to be one of the best carriers between the US and Europe. Excellent understanding of students’ needs made these airlines worth of this award.

Award category: North America

American Airlines selected for “North America“ Award

Not all students travel internationally and many of them require a domestic transfer. American Airlines realized the importance of this and offers great conditions suited particularly for the students.

Award category: Rising Star

Delta Air Lines selected for “Rising Star“ Award

This award is given to those airlines which manage to emerge successfully and become very much in demand as a carrier for students. According to StudentUniverse surveys, this airline definitely deserved getting this award.

We hope that the list of the best airlines for student travel will help you enjoy your journey and make your travel as comfortable as it can possibly be.

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