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Top 20 essay topics on tourism

Today tourism is the important industry in the modern world. There are a large number of tourist points all around the world. People travel visiting different countries. Therefore, tourism is a common subject for writing essay. Here we offer the list of top 20 essay entertaining topics about tourism. Let’s explore this industry together. You may certainly follow all these examples and improve your writing skills.

Social impact

Here students can describe how society effects on tourist areas. Are there negative or positive impacts? What is the result of it? If there the negative impacts, what is the main reason of them? And how they can be reduced?

Impact of economy

What role does the economy play in the tourism? Why is it so important? What impact does it have? Which part of the tourism industry is in the global economy? How can tourism contribute to economic development?

Importance of attraction

Why tourism cannot exist without attractions? What are the most important peculiarities of a popular tourist attractions?

Political impact

How politics affects tourism? What is the importance of it? How political change can influence tourist points?

Benefits and disadvantages

What are the major advantages of tourism? Are there any drawbacks? If so, then what? What is more pros or cons?


What is it? Is it popular today? What are the main peculiarities of it? What is the history of its region?

Impact of culture

What role does culture play in tourism? What is the importance of it? How it influences on cultural life? Are there negative or positive effects?

Doom tourism

What is it? Are there advantages of doom tourism? Is it important and popular nowadays? How it effects on tourist areas?

Responsible tourism

What is it? Why is it called responsible? What are its features? What led to the emergence of this kind of trip? Is it popular at that moment?

Educational tourism

How it influences on tourist points? What are the reasons for it? What are the benefits of it? Is it popular among tourists?

The history of tourism

Was there tourism before? If, so have there been any changes in this industry? Was it so popular before as it is now?

Medical tourism

What is it? Why it matters today? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? How long it exists? What the main reasons of its appearance?

Religious impact

How are tourism and religion combined? Are there negative and positive impacts? Does this influence to harm tourism?

Sex tourism

What is it? Is it dangerous? Does this have a link with violence? Is it legal today? What is the main essence of it?

Dark tourism

What it means dark tourism? What are its peculiarities? Why this topic is relevant today? How many people prefer this type?

Impact of environment

Are there negative influences? If so, how it can be avoided? How it affects tourist areas.

Danger in tourism

With what dangers may encounter tourists? How they can be eschewed?

Pro-poor tourism

What is it? Is it matters nowadays? What the name “pro-poor” means? What are the main causes of it existence?


What are the most popular tourist trends?

Employment in tourism

Are there possible jobs in this industry? What vacancies are the most popular now? Are the jobs well paid?

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