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10 Things Every Student Does That Are Unacceptable Anywhere Other Than College

Why people say that years at college are the best in the life? Is this statement unreasonable? In fact, students represent a special group of people. They are already grown-ups, but still are not so overloaded with the troubles of the real life. Students have the possibility to be not so serious and even a little careless. If fact, campus differs from other places, here you can do a lot of things that will be inappropriate in other locations.

Eating at Any Time

When you are student, your nutrition is guided not by the certain schedule but by desire and opportunity. Comparing to people, who are working, students can have their dinner at any break between the lectures or even have dinner twice.

Wearing the Same Clothes for Two Days in a Row

While most of people consider that they cannot come to work wearing the same blouse or shirt two days in a row, students have no problems with that. Definitely, they need to wear more or less appropriate clothes, but who cares about how many times in a row they wear their jeans or sweater? Students have no prejudices or concerns what people think. In fact, they can be hardly judged for the same outfit for two days in a row.

Taking Naps in the Public

Students use their time very reasonably and know that they need to appreciate every minute. Nobody will be surprised seeing students, who have a nap. Long hours of preparation before the exams or active partying cause young people to use spare five or ten minutes with use. And campus appears the right place for it.

Being on the Edge with the Limits

If the paper is supposed to be 5 pages, who on earth will write more? It is even likely for students to write 3-4 pages, since everything what they need is to complete the task and to pass further. In case the deadline is at 3 PM, most of the submissions will be at 2.59 PM.

Siting on the Floor in the Public Places

If you see the people, who sit on the floor, you can specify most certainly that these are the students. They like grouping together and discussing some concerns or siting along with the book. Students use all places in the campus and the fool is not an exception.

Being Thrifty with Your Expenses

Studying at the college is not a cheap investment; therefore, many students have limited budget. Constant consideration of their expenses makes them a little thrifty and observant to their outgoings. Thus, eating cheap and unhealthy food or reusing plastic silverware seems to be not a very good idea, but students do what they need to do. Any activities for reducing expenses that are strange for ordinary people are quite acceptable for students.

Riding Scooter Everywhere

Scooter is a convenient and cost-effective vehicle and students take an advantage of it. The number of scooters on campus is astonishing. When freshmen view this variety of scooters, they get very surprised, but eventually buy one for themselves.

Taking the Shortest Possible Naps

The normal duration of the everyday sleep equals to eight hours. Anyhow, most of the students are not aware of that fact. Their life realities often differ from the recommended way of life and result in short possible naps. An hour nap after a party or side job is common situation for all young people.

Opting for Casual Clothes

Office workers and other employees of the serious firms try to follow corporate dress code. Actually, your appearance and clothes style mean a lot if you are having business meetings. In this respect students are happy people. Nobody cares what style of clothes they prefer. They are free to where what they like.

Leading Tardy Way of Life

Perhaps, the main feature that characterizes students is their freedom and absence of strict obligations. Students do not hustle and often appear to be not accurate in regard to deadline consideration. Apparently, it seems to be right, they are young and have the whole life before them and there is no need to hurry up.
College is a unique and unforgettable experience. Appreciate your student years and use the advantages of the student life.

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